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S7E08: The Whites of His Eyes

Imagen para el episodio 7x8: The Whites of His Eyes

The team puts Lisbon in the line of fire of a skilled assassin in order to protect a witness.

S7E07: Little Yellow House

Imagen para el episodio 7x7: Little Yellow House

Lisbon takes personally a murder investigation because a relative of her is being sought as an important witness.

S7E06: Green Light

Imagen para el episodio 7x6: Green Light

The FBI cooperates with an ongoing DEA's investigation. Abbott will face a moral dilemma

S7E05: The Silver Briefcase

Imagen para el episodio 7x5: The Silver Briefcase

After meeting a military colonel by chance, Jane decides to investigate a closed case as the man may be hiding something

S7E04: Black Market

Imagen para el episodio 7x4: Black Market

The team works on an investigation linked to a diamond operation. However, Jane will have to remain at the office since he's feeling sick.

S7E03: Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Imagen para el episodio 7x3: Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut in order to solve a case. Meanwhile, he runs into someone for his past

S7E02: The Greybar Hotel

Imagen para el episodio 7x2: The Greybar Hotel

In this episode Lisbon goes undercover as a prisioner in order to solve the case she is working on.

S7E01: Nothing But Blue Skies

Imagen para el episodio 7x1: Nothing But Blue Skies

Jane and Lisbon decide to keep a secret from their coworkers. Meanwhile, they investigate a new murder case.

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