4x10: Fugue in Red

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Patrick falls into amnesia because of a close encounter he had with the killer of a firefighter he investigated.


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4.83 / 5 (18 Votes)

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Fugue in Red is the episode number 10 of The Mentalist's season 4 and it's one of the most original episodes so far.

While investigating a regular case, Patrick is found drowned, without any life inside him. Luckily, the paramedics are able to revive him, but he has lost some memories. As time goes by, everyone realizes he doesn't remember anything painful but his ability remains intact. He keeps working for the CBI and returns to a really old job: the psychic profession.

Meanwhile, the murder case has an interesting plot twist. What are motifs of the killer? Is he hiding something, something that shouldn't be known?

Lastly, Patrick enjoys a life without any worries, surrounded by women, pleasure and luxury.

Thanks Christian for making this review possible!

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