4x2: Little Red Book

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Patrick starts an investigation on a fitness trainer found dead, and conspires to get the old team back together.


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Little Red Book is the second episode of The Mentalist's fourth season. Here we're going to talk about the main events of this piece of art.

A coach is murdered and Jane, with the help of a new team, must investigate the case. While doing that, Patrick creates a plan to recover the old team, so he can keep working with the ones he really cares about. However, Cho will be the one spying him, as requested by the new boss.

On the other hand, Lisbon lost her job and goes into a deep emotional crisis. Whill she be able to return to the CBI? Will she recover her job? It seems that investigating is everything for this character. Jane is clearly worried about this situation. What are the motifs behind Jane's behaviour? Is it just regular friendly love? Something else?

Thanks Christian for this review!

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