The Mentalist season 6

S6E01: The Desert Rose

Imagen para el episodio 6x1: The Desert Rose

Jane and Lisbon keep working on the list of seven Red John suspects as they investigate the murder of a man who was missing for two years.

S6E02: Black-Winged Red Bird

Imagen para el episodio 6x2: Black-Winged Red Bird

Jane finds a clue that allows him to better understand Red John's behaviour. Meanwhile, the CBI team works on a drone-related murder

S6E03: Wedding in Red

Imagen para el episodio 6x3: Wedding in Red

While Grace and Rigsby take a trip, Jane gets the CBI involved in a case in Napa in order to focus on Sheriff McAllister.

S6E04: Red Listed

Imagen para el episodio 6x4: Red Listed

Jane keeps working on the 6 remaining Red John's suspects. Will he be able to do anything to keep the list safe?

S6E05: The Red Tattoo

Imagen para el episodio 6x5: The Red Tattoo

As an important member of Visualize is killed, Jane investigates in order to find a new clue that could lead him to Red John

S6E06: Fire and Brimstome

Imagen para el episodio 6x6: Fire and Brimstome

With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity

S6E07: The Great Red Dragon

Imagen para el episodio 6x7: The Great Red Dragon

After the tremendous events at Jane's house, the CBi puts all its effort on the Red John's suspects list

S6E08: Red John

Imagen para el episodio 6x8: Red John

Finally, Jane meets Red John, the serial killer thak killed his wife and daughter ten years ago

S6E09: My Blue Heaven

Imagen para el episodio 6x9: My Blue Heaven

Two years after closing the case of Red John, Jane receives a job offer that could change his life

S6E10: Green Thumb

Imagen para el episodio 6x10: Green Thumb

The FBI needs Jane's help to solve a new case, but he won't help unless Lisbon is working as well

S6E11: White Lines

Imagen para el episodio 6x11: White Lines

Jane and Kim investigate the murder of five DEA agents. Meanwhile, Jane has a romantic encounter

S6E12: The Golden Hammer

Imagen para el episodio 6x12: The Golden Hammer

Jane and the FBI work on the murder of a cartographer that may have unearthed a ring before he got killed.

S6E13: Black Helicopters

Imagen para el episodio 6x13: Black Helicopters

There are only three episodes left to find out the end of this amazing series. This episode will be premiered the second sunday of March.

S6E14: Grey Water

Imagen para el episodio 6x14: Grey Water

In this episode, both Jane and Fischer find themselves at an oil fracking site when suddenly somebody dies

S6E15: White as the Driven Snow

Imagen para el episodio 6x15: White as the Driven Snow

Suddenly, Grace becomes involved in a uncomfortable situation for her. Jane will have to do something to help her out

S6E16: Violets

Imagen para el episodio 6x16: Violets

Jane works with his team in order to catch a team of art thieves. Meanwhile, Jane meets a new man related with the FBI forces

S6E17: Silver Wings of Time

Imagen para el episodio 6x17: Silver Wings of Time

Jane will only have 48 hours to save someone's life. Will he be capable of finding the killer under pressure?

S6E18: Forest Green

Imagen para el episodio 6x18: Forest Green

As the result of a woman's murder nearby a men's social club, Jane must join the group in order to find who the killer is

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