The Mentalist season 6

S6E01: The Desert Rose

Imagen para el episodio 6x1: The Desert Rose

Jane and Lisbon keep working on the list of seven Red John suspects as they investigate the murder of a man who was missing for two years.

S6E02: Black-Winged Red Bird

Imagen para el episodio 6x2: Black-Winged Red Bird

Jane finds a clue that allows him to better understand Red John's behaviour. Meanwhile, the CBI team works on a drone-related murder

S6E03: Wedding in Red

Imagen para el episodio 6x3: Wedding in Red

While Grace and Rigsby take a trip, Jane gets the CBI involved in a case in Napa in order to focus on Sheriff McAllister.

S6E04: Red Listed

Imagen para el episodio 6x4: Red Listed

Jane keeps working on the 6 remaining Red John's suspects. Will he be able to do anything to keep the list safe?

S6E05: The Red Tattoo

Imagen para el episodio 6x5: The Red Tattoo

As an important member of Visualize is killed, Jane investigates in order to find a new clue that could lead him to Red John

S6E06: Fire and Brimstome

Imagen para el episodio 6x6: Fire and Brimstome

With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity

S6E08: Red John

Imagen para el episodio 6x8: Red John

Finally, Jane meets Red John, the serial killer thak killed his wife and daughter ten years ago

S6E09: My Blue Heaven

Imagen para el episodio 6x9: My Blue Heaven

Two years after closing the case of Red John, Jane receives a job offer that could change his life

S6E10: Green Thumb

Imagen para el episodio 6x10: Green Thumb

The FBI needs Jane's help to solve a new case, but he won't help unless Lisbon is working as well

S6E11: White Lines

Imagen para el episodio 6x11: White Lines

Jane and Kim investigate the murder of five DEA agents. Meanwhile, Jane has a romantic encounter

S6E12: The Golden Hammer

Imagen para el episodio 6x12: The Golden Hammer

Jane and the FBI work on the murder of a cartographer that may have unearthed a ring before he got killed.

S6E13: Black Helicopters

Imagen para el episodio 6x13: Black Helicopters

There are only three episodes left to find out the end of this amazing series. This episode will be premiered the second sunday of March.

S6E14: Grey Water

Imagen para el episodio 6x14: Grey Water

In this episode, both Jane and Fischer find themselves at an oil fracking site when suddenly somebody dies

S6E16: Violets

Imagen para el episodio 6x16: Violets

Jane works with his team in order to catch a team of art thieves. Meanwhile, Jane meets a new man related with the FBI forces

S6E17: Silver Wings of Time

Imagen para el episodio 6x17: Silver Wings of Time

Jane will only have 48 hours to save someone's life. Will he be capable of finding the killer under pressure?

S6E18: Forest Green

Imagen para el episodio 6x18: Forest Green

As the result of a woman's murder nearby a men's social club, Jane must join the group in order to find who the killer is

S6E19: Brown Eyed Girls

Imagen para el episodio 6x19: Brown Eyed Girls

Jane and Lisbon work on a human smuggling related case. Meanwhile, Lisbon will have to decide if she accepts Pike's offer.

S6E20: Il Tavolo Bianco

Imagen para el episodio 6x20: Il Tavolo Bianco

While the Jury works on Jane and his acts regarding Red John, Lisbon thinks about how would Jane deal with she leaving Austin.

S6E21: Black Hearts

Imagen para el episodio 6x21: Black Hearts

Lisbon finally decides whether she's joining Pike or not moving to Washington. In the meanwhile, the FBI keeps working on the human trafficking case

S6E22: Blue Birds

Imagen para el episodio 6x22: Blue Birds

This is the series finale! After six years of going after Red John, after solving cases with the CBI team and with the tension between Jane and Lisbon, it all comes to an end. Enjoy it!

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